The Importance of Curriculum Enhancements in a Child’s Education

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What are Curriculum Enhancements?

In addition to an exciting and stimulating curriculum, throughout the year world-class schools also provide a wide range of opportunities for the children to explore their passions and to enhance their learning.

These range from themed days and weeks, to assemblies, dress up days, musical and language lessons, sports clubs and fixtures, competitions, extra-curricular clubs and societies. It also includes organising visitors to come to the school to help bring learning to life, planning local trips, yearly outdoor adventure camps, and the international trips and sports tours.

What are the benefits to the children when participating in curriculum enhancement activities?

There are many proven benefits of children participating in curriculum enhancements activities. The extra-curricular activities program the Repton Family of Schools offer provide a plethora of opportunities to enable each student to develop new interests and skills, and to discover new passions.

Research suggests that these activities could aid children’s developments by:

  • Boosting academic performance
  • Exposing to new topics
  • Improving social skills
  • Creating happier and healthier children
  • Developing decision-making skills
  • Giving confidence
  • Creating friendships with like-minded children

Through the various offerings in art and design, drama, music, languages, sport, and so much more, including debating, public speaking or academic support, each student can easily create a lifelong love of learning.

At Repton Dubai curriculum enhancements are a big focus. We offer the children a wide selection of opportunities and experiences outside of the curriculum as they move through the school. Children get joy and excitement from their parents being invited into school to celebrate their achievements through assemblies, presentations or parades.

Curriculum enhancements play a large role in our aim for ‘Reptonians’ to develop into happy, confident and responsible young people equipped with a set of skills to lead a fulfilling life.