Tuition Fees

Reduced Tuition Fees

Repton School Dubai has reduced the tuition fees at its Senior School by an average of 10% starting academic year 2018-19.

Early Years

NurseryAED 52,863
ReceptionAED 58,270

Junior School

Year 1AED 59,754
Year 2AED 59,754
Year 3AED 61,697
Year 4AED 62,191
Year 5AED 70,221
Year 6AED 70,221

Senior School

Year 7AED 75,000
Year 8AED 78,000
Year 9AED 80,000
Year 10AED 88,000
Year 11AED 88,000
Year 12AED 95,000
Year 13AED 95,000

1. Deposit for new pupils is 10% and deposit for current pupils is 5% of annual Tuition Fees as per KHDA regulations.*
2. All tuition fees are subject to any increase approved by the KHDA.
3. There is a discount of 5% on the tuition fees if the payment is made in full for the entire academic year.*
4. There is a sibling discount of 5% on the third and subsequent child/ren.*
5. Upon acceptance of offer (new pupils) or re-registration (existing pupils), the balance of tuition fee (net of deposit) is due in the form of post dated cheques as follows: 40% of balance dated at the start of Term 1 and 30% dated at the start of Terms 2 and 3. 

* Terms and conditions apply



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