Junior School

Message From Mrs. Steed

The Junior School at Repton Dubai is structured with:

  • A Foundation Department (Nursery and Reception)
  • Infant Department (Years 1 and 2)
  • Pre-Prep Department (Years 3 and 4)
  • Prep Department (Years 5 and 6)

Repton is a world class school and enjoys a well-earned reputation for academic excellence. Our school has strong traditions, and students achieve the highest academic standards at age 11, but this is only one aspect of our school. We encourage students to approach the world with curiosity and creativity, to express their views and feelings, and to develop a real love for learning. At Repton we are truly committed to ensuring each and every child receives a personalised educational journey that affords them the opportunity to fulfil all their ambitions and passions, as well as allowing them to excel academically.

Our holistic approach towards developing the whole child has led to Repton’s success. We recruit the highest calibre of staff who understand that a student’s wellbeing, happiness and sense of purpose is at the core of their success. As such, we instil in our pupils the motivation, confidence, attitude and skills they need to thrive. Life at Repton is rich, busy and varied. Visits, trips, speakers, and special events are seamlessly built into our curriculum. Your child will have endless opportunities to develop their interests in a wide range of areas including music, drama, innovation, languages, sport and art. Repton is a remarkable school which does not just offer an education, it offers a complete school experience.

Mrs. Samantha Steed, Head of Repton Dubai Junior School


Repton children are expected to work hard and this extends out of normal school hours. Regular homework is set to support and extend the children’s learning, moreover, it begins to instil self-discipline and independent study both vital as the children progress through the school. Based on honest, careful evaluation of a child’s capabilities, the teacher will ask parents to support a child’s learning in the home. It is a proven fact that where parents support the children at home, the children make better progress.

At Repton, through a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities, children are encouraged to develop their talents wherever they may lie. Our range of activities encompass all the major sports and Repton teams compete regularly at all levels.

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