Repton School Dubai maintains top marks in IB Programmes

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  • 100% of Repton Dubai students pass the IB Diploma Programme
  • 100% of Repton Dubai students pass the IB Careers-Related Programme
  • 90% of Repton School Dubai students scored above 30 points; the 2019 global average point score is 29.58

Dubai, UAE: (6 July 2019): We celebrate top marks achieved by our students in this year’s International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations, with 90% of our students achieving over 30 points, surpassing the global average. Our students have reached formidable point scores and will attend the most prestigious of Universities; for example, two students have attained 43 points (only 1% of students worldwide achieve this) and will study at St Andrews and UCL in the UK.

All of our pupils were entered for either the IBDP or IBCP programme, demonstrating the support afforded to every individual as they strive to achieve their best.

“We are extremely proud to announce that 100% of our 61 IB students passed their IB examinations. Students who took the IBDP examinations scored an average of 34.0 points, equaling last year’s score and subsequently, with an inaugural 100% pass rate and the highest number of IB students ever at Repton Dubai, setting the highest year group average at Repton School Dubai. I would like to commend our students for their hard work and commitment, which has come to fruition as evidenced by their stellar performance this year. Additionally, two students have achieved the much-coveted bilingual Diploma in French and English – a first for Repton and a huge achievement for the students involved” says David Cook, Headmaster, Repton School Dubai.

The IB Diploma programme is found to be highly rewarding due to its challenging nature, whereby pupils explore six academic subjects. Over and above their academic efforts, a combined CAS project is undertaken, calling for the display of creativity, activity and service towards the community. This promotes development of personal and interpersonal skills, the effect of which is enhanced by external subject areas such as Theory of Knowledge (TOK), encouraging students to question their sources of information; and the Extended Essay (EE), a 4,000 word in-depth study on any subject of choice.

“We would like to congratulate the parents and the teaching staff for working together and investing significant time and energy to support our students, ensuring that they excel and strive towards outstanding results, preparing them for a strong academic future.  The IB programme is recognised for its high standards and robust calibre by leading universities across the world, and that is an important consideration for Repton School Dubai, which accommodates such a diverse array of nationalities,” says Cook.

This year, 47% of our students, achieved 34 points of more, meaning that they have secured places at prestigious universities across the World, such as Durham University, University College London, King’s College London and Warwick University in England; Emory University and the University of Michigan in the USA; the University of Toronto (Canada); St Andrews University and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Additionally, 100% of IBCP students have successfully graduated from the programme; having completed a Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Business within the IB Careers-Related Programme. Yet another highlight for us is that 100% of Emirati pupils who completed the examinations have successfully earned their IB Diploma or IBCP certificate, in line with the region’s aim of prioritizing the education of its young generations.

We have offered the IB programme since 2011 and continue to maintain a progressively higher group average score each year. The IB programme encourages both personal and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their studies as well as within external fields including creativity, sport and service. Research suggests that an IB diploma is the best preparation for further education and future careers, as graduates have shown continued curiosity and critical thinking throughout their adult lives.

“We embrace the IB programme because it remains our aim to develop well-rounded students who possess the attributes and skills required to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” concludes Cook.

Highlights of our  top performing students:

  • Aisha Mir achieved 43 points and will attend St Andrews University to study Medicine.
  • Hannah Fazal achieved 43 points and will attend University College London to study Politics and Spanish.
  • Loic Pages achieved 41 points and will study Arts and Sciences, leading to Economics at UCL. He also attained the Bilingual Diploma.
  • Maria Papachristos achieved 40 points and will study English and History at the University of Glasgow.