Repton Dubai Inter House Competition

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The Repton Dubai Inter House Competition is one of the ‘jewels’ of Repton Dubai providing many unique, vibrant and memorable learning experiences that enrich the school year. 

Students and staff are all members of one of eight houses, and they eagerly anticipate the ten house competitions that include a variety of sports, music and debating. Each challenge is embraced wholeheartedly and our students exemplify cooperation, determination and resilience throughout.

The Repton inter-house spirit is superb and it is a genuine pleasure to witness how all the pupils in each house work together with such commitment towards a shared goal. Over the years we have evolved these competitions to be as inclusive as possible, affording all students a variety of opportunities and roles to suit their individual interests and talents.

Unlike other sports fixtures or competitions, participation in the Inter House Competition is 100% and this creates a powerful sense of belonging to each house group. These house communities allow younger students to learn from their older peers and our more experienced students to be an important role models and inspiration for their younger counterparts.

The house system at Repton is not only an essential aspect of how we encourage and develop our students pastorally, but also a place where many joyful and enduring memories are made.