Encouraging independence among children


Encouraging your child to be independent will play a very important role in their character as an adult. It will give them a sense of responsibility, make them feel respected and improve their overall self-esteem.   It will also help them greatly in their learning journey as they take more initiative to complete tasks on their own.   There are 5 specific … Read More

The Importance of Practical Science


The desire to understand and explore the world around us, has existed since before there were schools and will doubtless exist after schools as we know them, are a distant memory.   Over millennia men and women from all cultures and backgrounds have conducted experiments which have contributed to the shared knowledge of the human race.   But why is practical science so important to us here at Repton Dubai?    One answer might be to encourage us all … Read More

Year 9 Option Choices Booklet

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Year 9 Options Evening in preparation for the September 2016 Year 10 entry will be held for existing parents of Year 9 pupils in the Rathbone Round on Tuesday, 2nd Feb’16 between 15:30 and 19:00hrs.