Art, Design & Innovation

The ability to use technology appropriately is a core skill all students need, in order to be successful in their later lives. At Repton Dubai all students have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of technology both as consumers and as creators.

Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and as we move towards becoming an Apple Distinguished School, the number of iPads available for students to use is increasing.

In computing, our recently refurbished Mac suite has ensured that students are using cutting edge technology to aid their work, while in Design Technology the use of 3D printing to produce projects has developed many new skills.

However, it is not just in the traditional subjects where the use of new technologies is encouraged; students in Drama regularly film and edit scenes using handheld devices and data is collected in Science and sent by Wi-Fi directly to a computer.

Innovation is both a process and a mindset. To support the UAE National Agenda and our students’ development, at Repton we are are developing the next generation of innovators. Teachers achieve this goal by acting as role models and being innovative in their teaching methods. Students are given the opportunity to innovate, during lessons and in regular competitions both in and outside of school. Nothing stands still at Repton; we are preparing our students for an ever changing world where the ability to innovate and think creatively will be paramount.

Art, Design & Technology Catalogues

Take a journey through the pages of the IGCSE and IB Visual Arts student catalogue of 2020/2021. The selection of artwork demonstrates the students’ endless hours of hard work and commitment throughout the two courses and their resilience working consistently through the Covid-19 pandemic. These students’ achievements are evident in their careful consideration of skill and application within a broad range of media. In addition, these works of art are meaningful and challenged students to explore themes and ideas that are personal, particular and of interest to them.

The students spend nearly a year developing, testing, modelling and refining their outcomes to then manufacture them in our workshops.

The students study resistant materials, building up their skills and knowledge in year 10. They are then given a range of problems to solve that require a final outcome to be made using a range of materials that could include woods, metals, plastics, or composite materials.

We are immensely proud of the creativity that the students show producing well-made and well thought through final pieces some of which you can see in this catalogue.  

We are thrilled to bring our Art & Design Catalogue to you. This is our online collection of student work from the Academic Year 2021/2022, documenting the art of IGCSE and IB Visual Arts students of Repton Dubai and Repton Abu Dhabi. The art and design work reflect our students’ imagination, hard work and skillset. Our students have spent a year perfecting their craft across a broad range of media. Moreover, these works of art and design encourages self-expression and creativity, builds confidence as well as a sense of individual identity among our students.

Our online Art & Design Technology Catalogue features work designed and created by 63 of our Visual Arts and Design Technology students across Year 9 – Year 13 from the Academic Year 2022/2023. The art & design works showcase our students’ creativity, imagination and technical expertise. Every piece of item has been meticulously crafted by our students, challenging them to explore themes and ideas that are personal and of interest to them.

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