2018 IB Results At Repton Dubai

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“We are delighted to announce that 98% of our IBDP students have been awarded the IB Diploma, scoring an average of 34 points or more per student, against a typical global average of 30 points (2018 figures). This 34 points score is one of the highest on record at Repton.

This year we are also celebrating our first cohort of IB Careers-Related Programme [IBCP] students and delighted that all seven students have successfully gained the Careers Programme qualification; they have completed a BTEC in Business Studies alongside the CP Core and two DP subjects. This is a great achievement for our founding seven students in this important vocational pathway. In the Year of Zayed, we are also very proud that 100% of our Emirati pupils have successfully earned their IB Diploma or IBCP certificate.

These excellent results ensured that all our students achieved the results required for admission into their university of choice, with a high percentage entering the prestigious Russel Group of Universities in the UK or Ivy League in the US. This year one student gained 42 points and is off to UC Berkeley in California and one student gained 41 points, securing a place at Oxford.

Here at Repton Dubai, we embrace the IB programme because of its rigour, its breadth and its depth. It remains our aim to develop well-rounded students who possess the attributes and skills required to meet the challenges of tomorrow, applying the critical thinking and theory of knowledge that has been part of their learning experience, and central to the IB philosophy. The IB programme is recognised by all the leading universities of the world, and that is an important consideration for our school which accommodates such a diverse range of nationalities. We are focused on educating and nurturing each individual and ensuring that their potential and final qualifications will open up a wealth of choices and options when it comes to their academic future.

We wish all of our graduating students every success as they embark on their new academic journeys”.