Benefits of Routine

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It is widely understood that routines are good for children and support their wellbeing and development. Establishing healthy routines and ensuring children have enough sleep are essential aspects of fostering happy and thriving children. As a result, they can make the most of every learning opportunity in and out of school. What is challenging however, is determining what routines are essential and why they matter.   

Routines provide children with a sense of security and predictability, helping them to build their confidence around everyday tasks. Children thrive on consistency! Research shows that routines support healthy social and emotional development in early childhood. Children with regular routines at home develop self-regulation skills, which are the building blocks of a child’s wellbeing. When children can identify their feelings and manage them accordingly, they are better able to adapt to everyday challenges and new expectations. 

Many studies demonstrate the benefit of bedtime routines and dinnertime routines. When children anchor their days according to these expected interactions with people who are important to them, they feel settled and supported. Encourage your child to participate in these routines by helping to set the table or choosing their own book to read with a family member at bedtime. They will love the experience and thrive off the consistency.

Ms. Jess Evans

Head of Early YearsRepton Dubai