Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Team in the Junior School includes; Mr. Charlie Jacques who is the Assistant Head of Pastoral Care in the Junior School, Mrs. Marsden who is the Director of Safeguarding and Child Welfare and Ms. Mottram who is the Head of Community and Parents. Mr. Jacques is responsible for the welfare and day to day wellbeing of every pupil in the Junior School. Mrs. Marsden is responsible for safeguarding in the Junior and Senior Schools. Ms. Mottram leads parental involvement and parent initiatives and in the Junior School.

Our Pastoral Care team welcomes, assists and supports new parents to the Junior School at each department level, introducing them to staff and the wider school community.  There are “New Parent Coffee Mornings” arranged each term to welcome parents to Repton and to make sure that they meet staff to discuss issues, ask advice or make requests that will help their children quickly settle into school life.

The team updates the Parent Handbook and all policies relating to Pastoral Care – this includes Bereavement, Child Protection, Abuse and Bullying. The team also meets with parents and pupils to resolve and advise on pastoral matters – an “open door” or “drop in” policy is encouraged for both concerned parents and pupils.

The team monitors absence and punctuality across the Junior School, encouraging parents to recognise the impact this has on their children’s education through letters, Parent Rep meetings and individual parent meetings where issues are discussed and support is given.

There is a close liaison between the Deputy Head Pastoral Care in Senior School, the School Doctor with regard to Health and Welfare issues. Weekly meetings ensure that matters are discussed and followed through as a whole school.

In short the Pastoral Care Team plays a full part in the life of the school community of over 65 nationalities, supporting the ethos and standards expected and encouraging pupils, staff and parents to do likewise.