Senior School

Message from Tracy Crowder

It is a genuine privilege to be able to work alongside the dedicated team who have made Repton a consistently outstanding school and welcoming community for children and staff alike.

This is a truly exceptional school that provides the very best education, opportunities and support for all children and young people.

Where we choose to educate our children is very important; as educators we are custodians and must take on this responsibility with great care. We are truly privileged to be in a position to make a difference to the lives of the young people we encounter daily. I believe every interaction and every conversation makes a difference. It is this that drives what we do and to build relationships that foster trust, confidence and hope for the future.

Schools can, and should, make a genuine and lasting difference to the lives of young people. Equipping them with the knowledge, skills and emotional intelligence to grow into well adjusted, confident and successful adults who can navigate the wider world and contribute positively to society. Together, with our stakeholders and families we can provide the environment and support to enable our students to thrive and achieve in all that they do.

Tracy Crowder-Cloe, Head of Repton Senior School

First choice destinations

Each year Repton Dubai students receive offers from their university applications, with typically well over 90% achieving offers from their first choice destinations. 

Upon graduation students accept university places all over the world, including many in the QS World 100 universities including those in the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, and Australia, however the majority focus upon the Russell Group in the UK.

Each year students are selected to interview at Oxford and Cambridge, with acceptances on to Law, Engineering and PPE programmes. Other notable destinations include;

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