Senior School

Message from Mr.Hollis

The Senior School is a dynamic and intellectually rigorous community within the ‘Repton family’ and at its heart lies relationships based on trust and mutual support between pupils and staff, that encourage all to feel valued and to achieve their very best.

We live in exciting and fast changing times and this means Repton Dubai is determined to provide an outstanding, challenging and well-rounded education.

Examination results matter and at Repton our pupils consistently achieve excellent results in all areas of the curriculum, giving them access to the top universities in the UK and overseas. However, this is just one aspect of a Repton education and pupils are supported to show ambition both within and beyond the classroom.

School should also be fun, and happy students are more likely to be successful. It is our privilege and responsibility to nurture and develop the talents of our pupils, to broaden their interests and to develop their personal qualities. To do this we aim to foster confidence and compassion, curiosity and integrity. Soft skills are also vital for the modern world and the school promotes communication skills, creativity, teamwork and an open-minded and outward-looking mentality.

Boarding is at the heart of Repton Dubai and our aim is to provide all our boarding pupils with a caring, stimulating and happy environment; a home from home.
The ethos and culture of the whole school takes its lead from the boarding community based at the heart of the school, from those who work, live and play on the school campus. Embracing the best traditions of a British education, enhanced by our international setting, Repton Dubai will remain a forward-thinking school that enthusiastically embraces innovation and opportunity.

Mr Tim Hollis, Head of Repton Senior School

First choice destinations

Each year Repton Dubai students receive offers from their university applications, with typically well over 90% achieving offers from their first choice destinations. 

Upon graduation students accept university places all over the world, including many in the QS World 100 universities including those in the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, and Australia, however the majority focus upon the Russell Group in the UK.

Each year students are selected to interview at Oxford and Cambridge, with acceptances on to Law, Engineering and PPE programmes. Other notable destinations include;

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