Our Teachers

All that we achieve at Repton is dependent on recruiting outstanding teachers, and then ensuring that continuous professional development (CPD) is embedded within the culture of the school. Repton recruits the majority of teachers from the UK and works very hard to provide ongoing support and further training.

Repton teachers get specific

All Repton teachers are highly-trained professionals who care to further their own learning. The Headmaster regularly poses ‘What are you reading?’ and the culture of erudition within this outstanding school is perceptible. Repton teachers are skilled within their own subject discipline; students in Year 3 and Year 4 enjoy some specific, specialist-lead classes and those in Year 5+ benefit from specialist teaching across all disciplines. By the time that the sixth form is reached in Year 12 and Year 13, teachers are skilled in exploring the necessary demands at the highest level of their subjects.

Repton staff are human-becomings

A forward-thinking CPD programme enables staff not only to work upon the specific needs of their subject, but also to reflect and plan for the betterment of their own mindset and approach. An in-house Middle Leaders Progamme, SPARK events and CPD pathways, create the autonomy that teachers need, in order to thrive. Parents can be safe in the knowledge that Repton teachers role model the most positive learning behaviours, including life-long learners.

Repton is a school with values at its core

All members of our community strive to show Respect, to be Extraordinary, to be Principled, to be Thinkers, to be Open-minded and to be Nurturing. Every day, Repton teachers aim to live out and exemplify these values alongside their teaching.

Repton teachers create a happy sense of oneness

The staff group “Reptonic” work together to focus upon all aspects of Well-being, Welfare and Social gatherings for the staff of Repton. Staff sports, pot luck lunches, meditation sessions and buddy systems are examples of events that are promoted by this team.