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GL Assessment Progress Tests Results

Students in schools in Dubai are required to undertake GL Assessment Progress Tests in English, maths and science in the summer term, to assess their attainment in these core subjects. The Progress Tests results from these internationally recognised standardised tests at Repton Dubai are outstanding.

In May 2019 our end of Key Stage results far exceeded the UK expectation of 77% of students meeting or exceeding the required level of attainment:

End of KS1 (Year 2)

  • 94% meeting or exceeding UK expectations in English
  • 89% meeting of exceeding UK expectations in Maths

End of KS2 (Year 6)

  • 98% meeting or exceeding UK expectations in English
  • 93% meeting of exceeding UK expectations in Maths
  • 97% meeting or exceeding UK expectations in Science

End of KS3 (Year 9)

  • 83% meeting or exceeding UK expectations in English
  • 96% meeting of exceeding UK expectations in Maths
  • 98% meeting or exceeding UK expectations in Science

IGCSE Examination Results

The IGCSE examination results at Repton Dubai are outstanding. The progress that students make in their time here shows the hard work and dedication shown by students and staff.

After an extensive and rigorous assessment and grading schedule in Term 3, the class of 2020 had 1002 examination entries, with 105 students entered for the examinations. 100% of students achieving 9 – 4​ (A* – C).

The key statistics and grades were as follows:

39% of grades were 9/8 (A*)​

58% of grades were 9 – 7 (A*-A)​

89% of grades were 9 – 5 (A* – B)​ – the bench mark for outstanding schools in Dubai is 75%, as set by the KHDA.

We are delighted that one of our students achieved the absolute perfect score with 11 x 9’s​, another one achieved 10 x 9’s and 1 x 8​, equivalent to 11 A* and several achieved the equivalent of all A*-A.

As a school we are extremely pleased with these results and can genuinely say that these grades are a true reflection of the hard work by both staff and students in what has been a very challenging and unusual year in Education.

IB Examination Results


Repton School Dubai has achieved fantastic results in this year’s International Baccalaureate (IB) final assessments, with students attaining a record average score of 36.2 points in the IBDP programme alongside a 100% pass rate in the IBCP and IB Courses programmes.

This is the sixth year that students have achieved an average score above34 points. The outstanding performances by this year’s cohort have resulted in overwhelming offers from Russell Group institutions and some of the highest-ranking universities in the world, including The University of St Andrews, University College London, Emory University, Imperial College London, Georgia Institute of Technology and The University of Manchester, to name but a few.

Reptonians displayed first-class performances in their final internal assessments, reinforcing the Repton DNA of the relentless and rigorous pursuit of achieving academic excellence. This year, 27% of Repton Dubai students achieved 40 points or more in the Diploma programme.

Repton School Dubai, part of the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE has consistently enjoyed academic success at university level, sending students to world-renowned universities including The University of Oxford, King’s College London, London School of Economics, Stanford University, Columbia University, New York University, St Johns Hopkins and The University of Edinburgh

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