Art is a wonderful subject that stimulates creativity and imagination in all young pupils, providing a foundation for visual perception. It offers a fantastic insight into the life and works of other people, places and time periods, which connects their lives and cultures to ours.

The aim of the Art Department is to provide a wealth of visual, tactile and sensory experiences; develop abstract thinking skills; cultivate a unique way of understanding and responding to the world in which we live.

Important areas of study in Art are: Sketch book work, drawing, painting and sculpture; exploring and experimenting with colour, form, texture, pattern and various different mediums and processes in order to communicate what pupils’ see, feel and think. This will also include aspects of Art history, great Artists, architects and designers and the contribution they have made to our society and culture past, present and future.

Pupils will gain the necessary skills required by the British Curriculum, but will be taught from a more tailored format. One that is much more exciting and in fitting with our school and environment here in Dubai. Above all, Art will be an exciting and fun way for the pupils to gain an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts which has the power to enrich the personal and public lives of our pupils here at Repton.