The Head’s Welcome

Mrs Kila Barber

Kila Barber

Head of Junior School

Dear Parents,
I am delighted to welcome you to Repton Junior School.

The Junior School at Repton, Dubai is structured as follows:
Foundation Department (Nursery and Reception)
Infant Department (Years 1 and 2)
Pre-Prep Department (Years 3 and 4)
Prep Department (Years 5 and 6)

The role of the Pre-Prep and Prep departments is to prepare its pupils thoroughly for entry into independent senior school education. As a partner school of Repton UK and it’s Prep School Foremarke Hall, parents with children at the Junior School in Repton, Dubai will be reassured that their children are working at the same level as pupils at Repton UK and indeed at any other independent school in the UK.

To meet these high standards we firmly believe that the following are prerequisites:
English, Mathematics, Science and computing lie at the heart of our curriculum. We incorporate the best that modern practice has to offer: interactive white boards, the everyday use of technology and the latest modern texts, are all important parts of our teaching, but none of these can, or will, ever replace a quality teacher. At Repton Junior School many of our teachers are recruited straight from UK independent education, therefore our staff are familiar with the standards and expectations of the top UK independent schools and consistently apply those standards here at Repton.

Repton children are expected to work hard and this extends out of normal school hours. Regular homework is set to support and extend the children’s learning, moreover, it begins to instil self-discipline and independent study both vital as the children progress through the school. Based on honest, careful evaluation of a child’s capabilities, the teacher will ask parents to support a child’s learning in the home. It is a proven fact that where parents support the children at home, the children make better progress.

At Repton, through a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities, children are encouraged to develop their talents wherever they may lie. Our range of activities encompass all the major sports and Repton teams compete regularly at all levels.

Like our parents, we want the best for every Repton pupil. We expect much from them. We expect them to work hard, to play hard and to achieve to the very best of their abilities. Through their conduct and their achievements we expect them to be a credit to their parents and to their school. Education at Repton is a true partnership with our parents and with mutual support we will maximise your child’s potential.

I hope you find all the information you need from the website. If you would like any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me on

Kind regards,
Kila Barber – Head of Junior School