As an outstanding school since 2014, with alumni having joined Oxford, Columbia University, Berkeley, Cambridge, Stanford and St. Andrews, and listed as one of the top 100 private schools in the world by the Spears Index since 2021, Repton Dubai welcomes boarders from across the globe.

Set in the heart of Dubai, students have access to one of the most exciting and safest cities.  As a “gateway to the world”, Dubai is less than an 8-hour flight from the majority of Europe, Asia and Africa, making it easily accessible and furthermore, the campus is only 10 minutes away from Dubai international airport. Our Boys and Girls Boarding Houses are a home away from home our boarders, who enjoy access to the biggest campus in the Middle East and our world-class facilities.

We offer full term boarding as well as more flexible boarding options, such as weekly boarding. 

Our aim is to provide a caring, stimulating and happy environment where pupils grow into self-confident, active and successful young people.


To ensure all our pupils thrive academically, boarders have dedicated prep time which is supervised by our academic team. This enables pupils to have access to specialist teachers who can provide any additional support and guidance required for homework or examination preparation.

At Repton, we recognise that for some of our pupils, English is a second language. In such cases, the school will give pupils every opportunity to reach the level of language required for success, not just at examination level, but also for conversing socially with peers and adults in increasingly demanding contexts.

By encouraging our students to take ownership of their studies, our students are prepared for further education at the University of their choice.

ECAs & Weekend Activities

The school has a wide-ranging after-school activity programme during the week and boarders actively participate in this to broaden their horizons, develop new skills and discover hidden talents.

Full boarders will enjoy exciting weekends making the most of what Dubai has to offer including golf, sailing, horse riding, go-karting and paintball in the cooler months and theme parks, theatres, cinemas and sporting activities during the summer period.




In the heart of our vast campus lie a girl’s and a boy’s boarding houses. Pupils are accommodated in rooms with en-suite bathrooms and personal study areas. Whilst some of our younger boarders enjoy living in dormitories where they learn to live alongside and share with others, our older pupils occupy single rooms so that they may maximise their study time.

There is high speed internet access throughout both boarding houses, as well as communal lounges, study rooms and kitchens which allow everyone to come together in an informal setting to relax and unwind.

Boarders also have access to Repton’s world class facilities during their weekends and leisure time, including sports facilities, gymnasium and swimming pools.

Care and Support

Both houses have a boarding Housemistress, along with a network of support staff, available at all times to care for the pupils’ academic success, welfare and practical needs.

With an on-site medical centre, our qualified medical staff are available at all times to provide medical cover to boarders who are unwell. In addition, a school counsellor ensures the pupils’ emotional wellbeing is cared for.

Boarders benefit from a nutritious and well-balanced diet, which is prepared on-site by experienced chefs. Menus are carefully selected to ensure pupils have a wide range of foods to choose from, readily available refreshments and snacks as well as brunches on Fridays.

Boarding Fees

YearFull Boarding
Sunday to Saturday

Weekly Boarding
Sunday to Thursday

Flexi Boarding
4 days a week

Flexi Boarding
3 days a week

Year 7 - Year 13AED 66,000 ($18,000)AED 60,500 ($16,500)AED 51,500 ($14,000)AED 42,500 ($11,570)

  1. Boarding fees are annual and do not include tuition fees.
  2. All meals are provided for Boarding pupils.
  3. A deposit of AED 50,000 ($13,650) is required for all Boarding pupils. This is refundable when the pupil leaves.
  4. Visas through the school are only available for full boarders AED 5,000 ($1,365) – VAT inclusive.
  5. Medical insurance can be provided for full boarders (AED 8400 below 18 years /AED 12,054 above 18 years).
  6. Repton day-pupils are welcome to stay in a boarding house (parents’ travel, exam periods, late event in school…), please contact Admissions.

Support available within boarding includes:

  • Residential and non-residential tutors are available throughout the week to assist pupils with their homework and give them guidance
  • Each House has its own resident Matron, on hand 24 hours a day to care for the pupils’ welfare and practical needs
  • Additional English support is available when required
    If you are considering boarding please get in contact with our admissions department who will be delighted to assist you.



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