Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Repton is specifically designed to challenge pupils, to build on their strengths, recognise their limitations and develop their full potential.

Placing pupils in a different context to one they normally find themselves in is a powerful learning tool. The learning that comes from outdoor education is not just acquisition of new knowledge, skills and information but a deeper level of personal understanding that becomes embodied within individuals.

Repton Outdoor Education provides a range of experiences that enable pupils to develop the qualities and attributes that will assist them in a changing world. The outdoors is a unique extension of the classroom experience and forms an integral part in supporting an ethos of holistic education

Listed below are some of the key skills developed through participation in our Outdoor Education programme.

  • Self-Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Tenacity
  • Physical fitness
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Self-Reliance
  • A Spirit of Adventure

Junior School Outdoor Education Trips Overview

Senior School Outdoor Education Trips Overview

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