Waiting Lists/Applicants’ Pool

Repton is a popular school and competition for places, particularly in all our younger year groups, is particularly intense. We endeavour at all times to live up to our motto ‘the best for every child’. This means that we limit class sizes and the overall number of children in the school. Regretfully, this means that we cannot offer places to all applicants.

As in some of the top UK universities and public schools, Repton operates an Applicants’ pool. Once an application has been received, it is recorded in our system and the applicant’s name is added to our pool. Applicants are then invited for assessment. There are a range of factors taken into account when inviting an applicant for assessment but payment of the registration fee is crucial. Where there are limited places for a year group, the Admissions Committee decides who will be invited for an assessment. The Committee, which reports to the Board of Governors, comprises senior staff and is entirely separated from the Admissions Department.

Priority for places does go to siblings of pupils already in school. The deadline for application for siblings is 1st November for entry the following September. This deadline applies to all year groups throughout the school and is strictly adhered to.

All families who have applications in the Applicants’ Pool and who have not been successful in gaining a place for that year will be contacted at the end of the academic year to check if they would like their child’s application to remain in the Pool for the forth-coming year. If there is no response to this, the child’s name will be automatically removed.