Payment for New Day Pupils for Academic Year 2018-19

YearDeposit Payment of 30% on RegistrationAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermTotal Tuition
Year 117,92616,73112,54912,54859,754
Year 217,92616,73112,54912,54859,754
Year 318,50917,27512,95712,95661,697
Year 418,65717,41313,06113,06062,191
Year 521,06619,66214,74714,74670,221
Year 621,06619,66214,74714,74670,221
Year 722,50021,00015,75015,75075,000
Year 823,40021,84016,38016,38078,000
Year 924,00022,40016,80016,80080,000
Year 1026,40024,64018,48018,48088,000
Year 1126,40024,64018,48018,48088,000
Year 1228,50026,60019,95019,95095,000
Year 1328,50026,60019,95019,95095,000

Payment for Re-Registered Day Pupils for Academic Year 2018-19

YearDeposit Payment of 10% on RegistrationAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermTotal Tuition
Year 15,97521,51116,13416,13459,754
Year 25,97521,51116,13416,13459,754
Year 36,17022,21116,65816,65861,697
Year 46,21922,38916,97216,79162,191
Year 57,02225,28018,96018,95970,221
Year 67,02225,28018,96018,95970,221
Year 77,50027,00020,25020,25075,000
Year 87,80028,08021,06021,06078,000
Year 98,00028,80021,60021,60080,000
Year 108,80031,68023,76023,76088,000
Year 118,80031,68023,76023,76088,000
Year 129,50034,20025,65025,65095,000
Year 139,50034,20025,65025,65095,000

*Deposit for new pupils is 30% and deposit for current pupils is 10% of annual Tuition Fees as per KHDA regulations.

All tuition fees are subject to any increase approved by the KHDA.

There is a Registration fee of AED 500 and Assessment fee of AED 1,000 (VAT applicable).

Both of these fees are non refundable.

There is a discount of 5% on the tuition fees if the payment is made in full for the entire academic year.

There is a sibling discount of 5% on the third and subsequent child/ren.

Children joining Repton School directly from Dovecote Nursery will receive a discount of 15% on the tuition fees for the first year they attend Repton.


Transportation, meals and any other extra charges will be invoiced separately.