In line with the UAE Inclusive Education Policy Framework 2018, the staff at Repton Dubai are committed to providing an inclusive education to all students. We strive to ensure that pupils with a learning difference have a positive learning experience and are supported in their learning.

We treat pupils or prospective pupils with a learning difference, no less favourably than others. The school has the required support systems available to meet students’ needs both at the admissions level and the classroom level. To this end we work collaboratively with management, departments, teachers, pastoral and medical teams, parents and pupils in supporting learning diversity.

The support services provided are:

  • Individual learning/education plans with strategies to support the learning environment of the pupil
  • Case conferences with teachers and administration regarding the individual needs of the pupil
  • Informal assessment
  • Individual or small group classes targeting specific learning differences
  • Occupational therapy Speech language therapy
  • Counselling for parents/pupils
  • Behaviour management programmes
  • Educational assessments
  • Access arrangements for exams
  • Outreach programmes for parents/pupils

Repton School embraces the concept of inclusive education because it is the heart of effective education. We are an inclusive school that follows the newly launched Dubai Inclusion Framework from KHDA.


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