Repton UK

Repton School in Dubai is a sister school of Repton UK and the partnership between the two schools is very strong. There are many initiatives which bring genuine meaning and substance to the links between Repton in Derbyshire and Repton in Dubai.

Two members of the governing body of Repton are permanent members of the Board of Governors of Repton School in Dubai, ensuring the greatest possible coherence between the two schools at all levels. There have been successful pupil exchanges and plans are underway for joint sports tours and trips. Common in-service training initiatives for teachers are being developed and there is a regular interchange of ideas between staff in the two schools. There are striking similarities between the two schools, in uniforms, house names and traditions, institutional language and in fact everything that goes to producing a common ethos and two caring, friendly and purposeful school environments some three thousand miles apart.

Situated at the heart of England, Repton is a small, historic town, once reputedly the capital of the ancient Mercian kingdom and, for several centuries, home to a medieval priory. Many of the priory buildings remain to this day and form the centre of Repton School, our partner school.

The most distinctive feature surviving from medieval times is the Arch at the main entrance to the school which is reproduced at the front of the school in Dubai. Founded in 1557, Repton celebrated its 450th anniversary in 2007, the year Repton Dubai first opened its doors.

The turning point for Repton came in the middle of the nineteenth century when, under the inspired headship of Dr Pears, the school grew in size and fame, establishing the reputation that has continued to the present day.

With over six hundred pupils, Repton is large enough to achieve excellence in and out of the classroom, but small enough for individuals to flourish and grow. The school is fully co-educational and all pupils are encouraged to pursue their goals with self-belief and ambition, while seeking out those areas in which they can excel, supported by the highly committed staff and with outstanding facilities at their disposal.

Academic development at Repton is closely monitored by subject teachers and tutors, and the school’s results are very good, enabling sixth form pupils to compete very successfully for places at the leading British universities. In 2014, well over half of the passes (56.28%) were awarded an A* or A grade with over a fifth (23.30%) of the passes receiving an A* grade. Fifteen pupils attained four or more A*/A passes..

The 2014 GCSE results achieved by Year 11 pupils were also excellent with more than a quarter (28.3%) of entries being awarded an A* grade and 63.5% achieved A or A*. On average, twelve pupils each year are awarded places at either Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

A sense of community pervades every aspect of life at Repton and the traditional house structure means that every pupil has a secure base in the school. Repton established a preparatory school in 1940, initially located in the town, before moving to Foremarke Hall seven years later. Foremarke is today a boarding and day school for 450 boys and girls aged three to thirteen. The school enjoys an enviable reputation for its balance of excellent classroom teaching with national standard sporting facilities and achievements.

Repton has a long history of distinguished alumni in public life, ranging from politicians and clergymen to media celebrities and sports figures. They include Roald Dahl, the famous author, Harold Abrahams, Olympic 100 metres gold medallist and the novelist Christopher Isherwood.


As part of our partnership with Repton UK, an exciting exchange trip takes place each year. While in the partner schools, the pupils follow a full academic programme, closely linked in terms of subjects to the curriculum they follow at their home school.