Evolvence Knowledge Investments (EKI)

Evolvence Knowledge Investments Limited (EKI) is the wholly-owned education subsidiary of Evolvence Capital Limited, one of the leading alternative investment firms in the GCC.

EKI focuses on establishing private schools offering a variety of curricula in the GCC region. In 2006, EKI partnered with Repton School, UK, a prestigious Derbyshire-based independent school with more than 450 years of education excellence, to offer British independent curriculum education in Repton schools across the GCC region.

The first school to be launched under this partnership was Repton School in Dubai which opened its doors in the academic year 2007-08.

Evolvence Knowledge Investments is expanding its Repton schools network in the GCC. Repton School in Abu Dhabi opened in September 2013 and Foremarke School in Dubai (in partnership with Foremarke Hall, the Prep School of Repton UK) also opened in September 2013.

The EKI family also has Dovecote Nurseries, a group of premium nursery facilities in Dubai as well as Humpty Dumpty Nurseries in Abu Dhabi.

For more information on the EKI schools and nurseries, click on the links below.

Repton School, Abu Dhabi

Founded in 2013, Repton Abu Dhabi provides high quality education for younger pupils from Foundation to Y4. Set in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s new residential area, Al Reem Island, the school is planned to be split across two main sites to take over 1000 pupils aged from 3 to 18 years old. The design for a very impressive second campus is now complete. Focusing strongly on science and technology the school will offer cutting edge facilities. Construction will begin in 2015 for opening in September 2016.


Foremarke School, Dubai

Founded in 2013, Foremarke Dubai is the first overseas schools to be established in partnership with a UK Prep School. Foremarke is intended to be the Gulf’s first genuine Prep School and the curriculum is designed to meet the demands of the ISEB Common Entrance at 11+ and 13+. With a focus on high quality teaching and learning set within outstanding facilities, Foremarke Dubai replicates the exceptional quality of its sister school in the UK. At maturity Foremarke will hold some 1000+ pupils.


Dovecote Nursery, Jumeirah

Dovecote Nursery is a high quality nursery offering premium education in top quality childcare facilities for toddlers aged between 1 – 4 years. Dovecote is a British managed nursery and follows the EYFS curriculum.
Dovecote Nursery prepares your child for their early school years by transforming them into confident and independent pupils. They provide an all-inclusive environment with highly qualified staff trained to provide the high standard of care that you would expect to find in any accredited British nursery.


Humpty Dumpty Nurseries, Abu Dhabi

Founded in 1991, Humpty Dumpty Nurseries has developed a relaxed and well disciplined atmosphere supported by their team of qualified and experienced British teaching staff. They provide a clearly defined and varied structure each day which will give your child continuity, stability and familiarity.

Their extensive outside playgrounds have designated areas designed for the development of fine and gross motor skills and are equipped with sand and water play pits, slides, tricycles and bikes, bouncy balls and other equipment designed to challenge and give fun. Their curriculum is a British based, Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is both formulative and progressive and supports children in reaching developmental milestones and age appropriate learning objectives. All their teaching staff are British and are CACHE 3 qualified.
They accept children from the age of 1 and pupils can remain with the nursery until the end of their Nursery Year (FS1) when they progress on to school.