Encourage technological awareness, foster attitudes of co-operation and social responsibility, and develop abilities to enhance the quality of the environment;

With 6 Lessons devoted to English and Drama from the beginning of Year 7, pupils will be studying Drama from the moment they arrive. They will then have the option of taking Drama onto IGCSE.



  • 1- To develop candidates’ understanding of Drama through practical and theoretical study.
  • 2- To enable candidates to realize the performance possibilities of text and other stimuli.
  • 3- To encourage the use of dramatic forms and structures to communicate feelings and ideas to an audience
  • 4- To foster the acquisition and development of skills in Drama, both individually and in groups.
  • 5- To develop understanding of the processes leading to performance and the elements involved in creating a performance and to develop evaluative ability across the various stages of performance work
  • 6- To stimulate an enjoyment of drama

There are two forms of assessment:

1 Written examination paper. There will be three sections. The paper will require responses to a pre-released text and three stimuli, and provide opportunity for reflection on, and evaluation of, the practical work.

2 Coursework. This consists of three pieces of practical work, based on the guidance provided by the CIE and continuously assesses during the course. This will provide flexibility to suit different approaches to Drama. Coursework will amount to 60% of the final mark at IGCSE.